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Saturday, April 3, 2010

. When I say Yes, Then it will be True! .


now at home sweet home!

even baru smpai petang td..n hari ni da hari sabtu..tetap rasa syiokkkk sgt..haha..

pdhal esok dah kena blk melaka blk..

memang xda keje blk umah semalaman je..hee..

nothing is imposible right???

when i say yes, i wanna go home so i'll make it true!!

so many things to write here..but i don't hav a much time..

later ok!!!!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

. Currently Buzy .

salam all..

currently im very buzy with my practicum...

with my lesson plan...portfolio n all the needed stuff to teach my student..

every day..i will be doing all the things...

& it makes me don't have a time to relaxing...

also makes me don't have an enough sleep..

very pity..am i??

n my sweety blog also will be ignored..

i wish.. i'll have a time to write here...

but for the time being....

it just a wishhhhh!!

p/s : dear fza..insyaAllah i'll answer ur tag when i have a time k..:)

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