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Monday, January 4, 2010

. Shopping Time .

shopping time!!


actually not a shopping time for me..

because i dont have the moneyy..!!!!!!!!!


i didnt get my 'allowance' yet..

hopefully this month i'll get it..


i can shopping!!


so my big sista yang shopping..

for her friends wedding..

this claytan product is sweet u know..

the price is so reasonable n free from plumbum n toxic ok!!

i love thiss!!hahaha..

this bag is sweet rite??i wantttt..:P


BezBuddy said...

comei nyer beg tu?ktne jumpe?hehe

iRa~" said...

bezbuddy : hee..comei kan..kat jusco equine..

~ajAA TYne=) said...

ira::jaa ske la claytan 2..hehhe
nk gak leh x..hehhe

iRa~" said...

ajaa : hehee..boley2..haha..cantik kan??hii..:P

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