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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

. Award from Alia ~ .

thanks alia for this award~..

really appreciate it!

so here it goes:

1. Put this badge in your awesome blog
2. Award this badge to bloggers whom you think are inspirational and friendly.
3. Make sure you put the recipients' names here, along with their links.
4. Let them know about this

so this award goes to :

* N a.k.a the gadis

* Qeema

* Ajaa Tyne

* Karl

* Cik Sara

* Sumaiya

* Amir Acap

* Princess


I am Karl said...


dh amik

NaDhiRaH~" said...



NuRuL aLia said...

welcOme kak nadhirah. :)

NaDhiRaH~" said...

alia ~

hehe..pasni bleyla bgi ag,,

~ajAA TYne=) said...

thanxx nad..
sy ske la tgk awk..
cmel sgt..
yap dak ump gak..
ikmal my snior..
awk ngn dy...
sgt spdan..

NaDhiRaH~" said...

ajaa ~

thanks ajaa..
da bls blk kat ur page..ehehe..

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